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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Makeover from a Makeunder

SpaSurgicaKenosha.com wanted to revamp their look and name (previously UltraSmartLipo) to be more professional. Their former site had 4 pages which included their welcome page. They felt that is was too cartoony, and doesn't draw the type of clients they would like to be getting. They came to YELLmedia, Inc. with a simple black and white logo and asked for a complete redesign.

Before & After (pictured right). The new site looks a lot more professional and sophisticated with tasteful pictures on all the pages. The website also navigates a lot better in a easy and cohesive manner. There are separate sections for before and after shots, testimonials, technology, etc. Plus there is an email database to collect visitors information for future email blasts and an easy to use contact form on the "us" page. I think they will be very successful with their new site.

YELLmedia, Inc. provided website design, database set-up, web forms, stock photography, web hosting, emails, domain forwarding, and web administration.