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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something to YELL about! YELLmedia, Inc. wins five Awards of Excellence!

For more than 4 decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored national design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. It honors outstanding work of all kinds and across all media: print and collateral, advertising and sales promotion, corporate identity and logos, internet and interactive design, packaging and p-o-p, broadcast and motion graphics. From 10,000 + entries; of these, a highly selective 15 percent are recognized with an Awards Certificate of Excellence. This year YELLmedia, Inc. has won five (5) 2008 American Graphic Design Awards from Graphic Design USA.

YELLmedia is proud of its earned awards by striving for excellence in cutting edge graphic design, trendsetting, and getting recognition and distinction from the design community. YELLmedia is also excited to provide clients with excellent work and allowing for even better exposure by entering their designs into contest such as these. Please see awarded work below.

2008 ADGA for Chopper Shots Website, www.choppershots.net

2008 ADGA for À La Card Chicago Logo Design

2008 ADGA for À La Card Chicago Package Design

2008 ADGA for YELLmedia Celebrates Microsite, www.yellmedia.com/celebrate

2008 ADGA for a Magazine Website Design

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Royal Couture

Royal Couture is a new clothing store & line which will be opening in 3 Chicago Area malls before the years end. YELLmedia, Inc. helped develop the name and brand identity. Colors were chosen for a hip unisex appeal. The logo was crafted using pull out elements that may be used in subsequent branding on clothes, accessories, purses, shoes, etc.

The JET Set

JET Campus is a not-for-profit extending educational services to college students. They have another branch that is for professional networking. They required a website and a logo. Their professional branch also had a dated logo.

YELLmedia, Inc. redesigned both the campus and professional logos to bring them up to date and also to create a common link between the two company branches. The "JET" in the logos with the icon both compliment each other while the campus logo is brighter and the font treatment less formal to appeal to college students.

Nest Home Staging

Nest Home Staging is a business that specializes in staging your home for resale or home redesign. They jumped ahead and had a website designed and in place when they decided to back track and do their logo. Though slightly backwards, this reverse process required trying to match a logo to an already established design. Color requirements already existed. It also required thinking of future applications for the logo i.e. signage, business cards, etc.

YELLmedia, Inc. designed the logo with the above in mind using existing color schemes and incorporating elements for the company name and business into the logo i.e. the nest and the "sold" sign.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Handle with Care

The Smallest Sparrow creates fantastic handmade and embroidered custom baby gifts. In order to help grow the brand YELLmedia assisted Sparrow in creating some collateral items including custom note cards, hang tags, and gift certificates.

Than hang tags brand the individual items and have a very clean look. They include the logo and website so the recipient of these special gifts can order other items. The back of the tags include wash and care instructions for The Smallest Sparrow products. The note cards are included in mailed gifts and reiterate the brand and the website address. The cards were printed specially so that Smallest Sparrow could customize these cards and print on them with their in-house laser or ink-jet printer. They have complimentary baby blue envelopes. Not one to waste advertising space, on the back of the note cards are some pictures of The Smallest Sparrow products which compliments the back of The Smallest Sparrow business cards.

YELLmedia, Inc. provided graphic design, layout, format choice/options, print preparation, and value added printing services.

Here's The Rug

Exclusive Oriental Rug started from the ground up. The company needed help coming up with everything from company name, identity, web domain, website design services.

The owner wanted something quick and catchy, but wanted to liaison to his other business which also had "Exclusive" in it's name. After carefully researching other oriental rug companies in the field we came up with "Exclusive Oriental Rugs" because it was possible to also shorten the name to - EOR Rugs and the domain name www.eorugs.com was available.

The logo needed to be very clean and simple, just like its name to compete within the oriental rug carpet market and to appeal to the high end interior designer clientele. Colors were picked for brightness and commonality in hand-woven rugs available. For the business cards we included a piece of carpet that incorporated the same colors of the rug. It was an added benefit to show the consumer some quality product on the business card that tied back to the business. Electronic MS Word templates for letterhead and envelope were requested instead of printing.

YELLmedia, Inc. provided consulting on business name, created logo concept and brand identity.