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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Smallest Sparrow

The Smallest Sparrow is a unique company that makes custom and personalized baby gifts. You choose the fabric patterns, embroidery color, and name or initials and they do the rest. The items are really precious and unique for that one of a kind gift. Yes, I've bought them as gifts myself. At the moment you can only purchase online, but keep an eye open as these make their way to Chicago area boutiques.

The Smallest Sparrow came to YELLmedia, Inc. with their name and preferred colors. YELLmedia designed the rest followed up by business cards that look like a gift with ribbon design around it to compliment the business concept and images of some of their custom baby gifts on the back.

Track Stars

Track Star Studio is a new event company geared towards tweens. I can't give away the whole kit and caboodle, but if you want to give the younster in your life who loves music a birthday party or event to remember, I would definitely contact theses guys!

Track Star Studio already came to YELLmedia, Inc., with their company name and tagline, but the wanted a logo that really identifies with tweens. Something that was bright and colorful and familiar with a group of kids that love Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and American Idol. The logo would also have to work great in verious applications and promotional items such as CDs, t-shirts, invitations, etc. That's where we came in. Using a really pop type icon of stars that also ties into the companies name and bright colors with a slice of Americana. We developed their logo and business cards.

Are you looking for a good relationship?

Tree Dental Lab creates dental restorations for, you guessed it, dentists. YELLmedia, Inc. was enlisted to help with a direct mail targeting new dental clients. The DM consisted of developing the concept, designing a tri-fold brochure, and writing a personal letter. The big challenge is that most dentists have a relationship with their dental lab which is "comfortable" and works, so that there is no reason to change. The other issues is that most dental labs look the same with the same colors and the same fake looking smiling pictures. It was necessary to cut through that clutter.

YELLmedia, Inc. developed a very "personal" campaign. It was so personal that the brochure appeared as a personal ad. The goal was to look different from the competition and have a personal feel with handwritten fonts. Even the addressed envelope was in a handwritten font using cream resume paper and envelopes so that it mimiced a personal letter. We hoped with the personal ad to evoke some kind of response - i.e. laughter. We also used strong call to actions with "call now to get your free starter kit" and to be entered in a drawing for a $50 Starbucks card - what dentist doesn't like coffee?
The result was higher than average DM rate with only sending out two mailings for 200 letters each.

You Need Water To Bloom

Bloom Yoga Studio knows the value of good marketing a creating consistent brand identity within their studio. The connection between fitness, Bloom, and water is clear - so naturally they started to market their own tasty brand of natural spring water. YELLmedia, Inc. designed the water bottle labels and developed the tag "You need water to bloom."

This Bloom Smells Right.

Bloom Yoga Studio has recently started to advertise more regularly. They wanted to create ads that reflect their brand identity consistently, and also attract new clients that might be intimidated by the other yoga studios. Together with YELLmedia, Inc., we created a consistent ad campaign catered to "Yoga for Real People." All photos were picked for consistency, color, and realistic yoga positions and attire. These photos are changed out at regular intervals. Also, updated special events/programs are added to the bottom of each ad to generate interest. Ads can be seen in "Yoga Chicago", Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, and other publications.

Inviting Invitations

I don't know how many of you are aware that YELLmedia, Inc. also provides personal stationary, invitations, and promotional items for events. A micro-site has been created where you can see samples and get ideas for your special life events. Here are a couple of the latest ones for a Tuscan Themed Wedding. Consider YELLmedia, Inc. for a truly unique invitation that showcases your personality. No more cookie cutter invitations! Check out YELLmedia Celebrates micro-site at www.YELLmedia.com/Celebrate for more samples or email yael@yellmedia.com.

Chopper Shots Hits It's Target!

Chopper Shots is a unique photography outfit that takes aerial and panoramic photos via remote control helicopters for various uses such as commercial real estate, construction development, land surveys, large public events, etc. These are really high-end clients with high expectations. Chopper Shots really needed to update their look in order to sell upmarket. Both their website and identity were looking dated.

YELLmedia, Inc.
's first task was to update the logo. Both the shape and the colors needed to scream cutting edge and high end. What we did was create smoother lines on the logo, and without changing it much we added an additional visual element of a camera lens. Then we brightened the colors to be more modern and catch the viewers attention.

The next task was to overhaul the website. YELLmedia, Inc. not only updated the website by adding a flash introduction featuring Chopper Shots great work and adding a new photo gallery and 360 Panoramic gallery, but they also saved Chopper Shots money by setting them up with a new web host which cut their hosting fees in half. Additionally photos and samples that would open a new window when clicked on, would now open in a window within the website so that the branding remained consistent. Also, it was really important to highlight the different types of photo and the helicopter stabilizer that they sell. So we put that on the front page. In addition. in order to justify the pricing we needed to showcase that Chopper Shots uses state of the art technology, cameras, videos, photo retoucing software, film editing software, and high end remote control helicopters & stabilizers. If a customer were to do this job on their own, beside needing the expertise, they would have to make a large investment.

The last bit of identity work was the business card. We really wanted Chopper Shots business cards to let people know who they are and what they do. Since their business is photos and pictures ARE worth 1,000 words we added about 4,000 words worth to their business card by creating a brochure business cards that highlighted the ways in which Chopper Shots could be used and showing just a few aerial shots to leave them wanting more. Again, branding and identity was consistent throughout.