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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Design for Designers

Irit-Designs is an artist who creates unique hand-made glass art and jewelery. She needed to quickly have a website set up in preparation for an art show.

YELLmedia helped Irit first by designing an appropriate artistic logo. Since the premise of her art is glass, we used sea glass images as buttons for her different gallery pages and inter-wined an art deco motif. The colors we chosen for the logo and background designs were neutral allowing the more colorful and engaging part of her site (the art pieces) to be the focal point. For her home page image we took a photo of some of her collection pieces and applied some effects to make it an abstract image - as most of her pieces have an abstract quality to them. Next we helped Irit prepare her pieces for display on the website by making sure all images and scans have similar backgrounds, clarity, reduced glare (due to glassy surface), and similarly sized. We found that the best quality images actually came from scanning the pieces directly on the scanning bed. Future additions to the site will include e-commerce options.

YELLmedia, Inc. assisted in domain creation and purchase, web hosting, web administration, logo design, web design, image scans, and copy.

Wrigley's "5"

Wrigley launched a new "sensory"experience gum appropriately called "5" to indulge your 5 senses. Their PR company contacted YELLmedia to help create a highly customized power point presentation for their Chief Marketing Officer that would would incorporate multiple media clips with little to no text. It needed to reflect "5"s brand messaging and not Wrigleys.

YELLmedia, Inc. designed a custom power point template and laid out and organized the slides according to an outline of the presentation provided by the PR company. Media clips were inserted varying from movie clips to commercial spots, and then all organized and burned to CDs for the presentation.


The LACP (League of Communication Professionals) 2006 International Spotlight Awards for print, television, and web awarded the Silver medal to Mather LifeWays 2006 Year in Review - "All's Well Who Age Well." It was also listed in the TOP 100 communication materials received for the contest.

YELLmedia, Inc. assisted in conceptualizing this project and bringing it from concept to finished product with design and layout, hand-drawn and hand-painted illustrations, scans, mock-ups, and finally digital print-ready and electronic web formats.

I like it a Latte

Emmi is a European dairy company that is entering the US market launching their tasty line of ready to go coffee beverages. Their local Chicago PR company needed help with a product fact sheet for printed and electronic press kits and a charity fact sheet for an Arts event Emmi sponsored to help kick start their launch.

Using their existing look, YELLmedia created both these sheets maintaining a consistent branding look and message. Digg Communications provided the copy.

YELLmedia, Inc. provided design and layout along with press ready and electronic files for ease of use.

Brain and Braun - FirmWise

FirmWise provides hosting and development solution software specifically for law firms. The software helps small to medium law firms maintain and update their own website on their own.

FirmWise was a new out of the box product with only an existing logo. They needed a letter size Brochure to help sell their product and they needed a look. YELLmedia, created their first brochure and used the logo for inspiration. Copy was provided by FirmWise.

YELLmedia, Inc. provided design and layout, as well as pre-flighting the files for printing.