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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Congratulations YELLmedia!!!

All that YELLing has finally got us somewhere! Congratulations to YELLmedia, Inc. for winning 5 - 2009 American Graphic Design Awards (AGDA)! For more than 4 decades, Graphic Design USA has sponsored design competitions that spotlight areas of excellence and opportunity for creative professionals. The American Graphic Design Awards is the biggest and broadest of these, open to everyone in the community; advertising agencies, graphic design firms, corporations, institutions, publishers and more. It honors outstanding work of all kind and across all media; print and collateral, advertising and sales promotion, corporate identity and logos, internet and interactive design, packaging and p-o-p, broadcast and motion graphics. Prized work is showcased below.

2009 AGDA Awarded for Dig Communications Fruit2O Evite

2009 AGDA Awarded for Bloom Yoga Studio Postcard Campaign

2009 AGDA Awarded for The Smallest Sparrow - Logo, Stationary, Collateral Identity

2009 AGDA Awarded for Upstairs Solutions Website Design - www.upstairssolutions.com

2009 AGDA Awarded for JPL Recording Logo Design

To see YELLmedia's past awards please visit http://yellmedia.com/thework/awards.html.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jet Set Go!

JET campus is a not-for-profit that works with educating college students on a many Chicago area and Illinois campuses. They provide learning, travel, and networking opportunities. YELLmedia, Inc. helped them redesign their logos and create a website that would be attractive and hip to college students. We did this by with lots of modern fun graphics, a flash intro movie explaining the things JET campus does, and plenty of real photos of real students. There are ads that can regularly be updated so students have a reason to go back and visit the website along with a google calendar that JET campus can update on their own.

YELLmedia, Inc. provided logo, layout, and web design.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Can you see it?

Get Exposed Clothing [TM] is a new hip clothing label. They desired a realistic eye image in their logo. After finding suitable photographic images for them YELLmedia, Inc. helped Get Exposed by creating a realistic, yet graphic depiction of the eye using AI's Live Trace feature. This would allow resizing the logo big or small to always look awesome and yet retain that grainy texture feeling without becoming pixelated or bit mapped. We then matched the intense grainy image with an equally stressed type treatment. This featured logo looks equally cool in b/w color and on white or back background.

Groove me baby!

Groove Monkee is a company that creates midi-beats sound tracks to be used by professional musicians. They offer a range of products for all types of music genres. YELLmedia, Inc. created packaging for the shelf products. It was important to have shelf appeal, incorporate current branding, and create a graphic style that could be applied to a whole family of products and musical genres so that packaging can look clean and consistent.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bloom for Everyone!

Bloom Yoga Studio needed to create some targeted direct mails. YELLmedia, Inc. designed and created these postcards while staying in tangent with Bloom Yoga Studio's brand image. Pictured above left is a postcard targeted at mama & baby yoga classes, workshops and resources, while the postcard pictured left targets a new popular yoga workshop targeted at runner's.

The Soul Mate Guy - Frank Polancic

Frank Polancic logo was created to brand and represent Frank Polancic as a brand. Polancic is a successful businessman, sought-after speaker and the leading authority on creating soul mates. He has been extensively trained in traditional and non-traditional methods of personal transformation and achieving life goals and has written the popular "Why Wait? Create Your Soul Mate Now." YELLmedia, Inc. redesigned/branded Polancic honing in on a description commonly referred to him "The Soul Mate Guy." Using and creating this brand allows Frank to expand his work to future books, movies, speaking engagements, etc. The logo incorporates the bold red and black and is both simple, clean, and attention getting. The logo can easily lend itself to a presentation or a book. The red of the logo commonly symbolizing love abstractly creats a heart shaped impression with his name.

Spa Marketing

Here are some additional marketing pieces done for Spa Space in Chicago. All items maintain the same brand standard throughout. Pictured above left is a mini-ad. Pictured above right is a direct mail postcard directed at male clientele. Below is a new added page to their website advertising their corporate/business services.

YELLmedia, Inc.
designed, provided print ready files, and web updates.

Unlock Your Marketing Potential: Tenloc

Tenloc Managed Tenant Storage is a new line of business for property developers S & S Builders. They take a buildings unused space and turn it into managed rental storage areas. YELLmedia, Inc. helped them with their logo and creating their brand identity as well as developing several marketing vehicles that compliment their branding. Pictured above is a direct mail postcard piece that compliments a trade show display, as well as an advertisement. Below is their website home page.

YELLmedia, Inc.
provided design, layout, print ready files, and web design.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brochure Space

Spa Space is your preferred spa in downtown Chicago. Located in the West Loop, Spa Space is considered the most progressive Chicago spa downtown for men and women. YELLmedia, Inc. assisted Spa Space with two brochure designs. One brochure serves double duty as a pedicure menu that sits on pedicure chairs, but also lets the clients know that their station has recently been sanitized printed on a durable glossy card stock to be reused. The other brochure (B2B) targets business' work balance programs by showcasing Spa Spaces corporate perks with office visits offering chair massages, mini-mani's, and more.

YELLmedia, Inc. designed, press pre-prepped, and printing purchasing while maintaining the overall brand identity.

Lock it up!

Tenloc Managed Tenant Storage is a new line of business for property developers S & S Builders. They take a buildings unused space and turn it into managed rental storage areas. They develop the space and take care of the rentals, and the property owner gets a monthly check! YELLmedia, Inc. helped Tenloc first by designing their logo. Incorporating a look that is both strong and fortified with capital block letters and using the icon of the key for security. In addition to the logo a lot of brand building was done through business cards, brochures, letterhead, and labels.

YELLmedia, Inc. designed the logo, brand identity, layout of brochure, business cards, and letterhead.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Ruff!

Ridgeline Dog Gear is a new active wear n' gear company for dogs seeking quality outdoor gear made out of top notch materials comparable to human outdoor companies such as Patagonia. The goal was to create and identity that conveyed three main qualities - dogs, outdoor adventure, and a ridge from the name "ridgeline." This was a challenge as there were many concepts to tie into the one logo. Also, the logo would need to be flexible enough to be attached to a collar or be printed on a shirt. The logo was placed in a frame to call attention to it and in order to outline the reversed out mountains against a sunrise/sunset active orange gradient colored background.

Also, a homepage place holder was developed to create excitement for the company, by continuing the brand image and featuring some suggestive active canine shots. Contact information provided.

YELLmedia, Inc. created the brand identity, logo, business card design, web page layout.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Online Learning Redesign

Upstairs Solutions LLC is the premier online training provider in senior care. They needed to redesign their website to be branded across the board and incorporate the use of their training mascot Professor Maxwell. Maxwell is now well integrated into the site from welcoming you on their home page in their flash sequence introduction to buttons and icons throughout the site. Also, important was to increase the ease of navigation and make sure that additional tutorials and audio within the site was also kept within branded webpages.

Additionally we added testimonials, under "True Stories" that let the visitor learn more about success with the online training programs they offer. All of the headings on each page are in the form of a question to engage the reader, but also because learning involved asking questions and getting answers - which is what Upstairs Solutions is all about.

YELLmedia, Inc. redesigned the website, enhanced the intro flash movie, tested and uploaded the site, and assissted with copy.

Eventful Planning

Leslie-Manning Events is an event service based out of the Washington, DC area creating "uncomplicated, yet undeniably elegant" events. YELLmedia, Inc. helped get the word out about a summer special with a direct mail piece on a short turnaround time. The collateral piece matched perfectly with her current branding and stayed true to the theme of simple elegance.

YELLmedia, Inc. designed and laid out the postcard/pre-press file preparation for the client's printer.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fruitful Event

Fruit2O Essentials had a NY event for which a variety of collateral was needed. YELLmedia, Inc. worked with their Chicago based PR company to design and produce many of these items including: 6 ft Banner, Welcome Sign, Table Tents, Tasting Tent Cards, Name Tags, and invitations. See some of the items below. Requirements was to stay within the brand look and standards/or compliment them.

2 Servings A Day, Keeps The Doctor Away!

Fruit2O Essentials had a media event in NY to launch their new product. The invitations were sent via email which YELLmedia, Inc. helped their PR company design and distribute. The e-vite included a form to which those invited could RSVP and select the spa services treatment they would like to receive, the time, along with optional car service. The goal of the invite was to promote the thirst quenching, sexy, healthy lifestyle/benefits of the new Fruit2O Essentials beverage which have different nutrients depending on the flavor, but is equivalent to at least 2 servings of fruit.