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Sunday, August 26, 2007

An Amazing Facelift - Before and After

This company needed a makeover for their website. They've been in business since 1939 and their website looked about the same age - complete with a white box around the company logo. They make all kind of rain gutter products and sells tools to distributors. But their website didn't quite match their materials or say a whole lot about what is so fantastic about their company. They also had parts of their site that had completely different looks - a great inconsistency, as well as a lot of products that opened to different views, but the views were no longer in a branded page. So that's what we fixed.

Our first goal was to match the collateral materials so they wouldn't have to go reprint or redesign. The next thing we needed to do was explain who the company is by adding some Flash to the site (quite literally). We added a flash movie to add movement to the page. Underneath the movie is a little more explanation as to why you should choose them over anyone else. We added a weather feed at the bottom of the page - so you can always check the weather at the corporate headquarters. It seemed relevant since their products have a lot to do with the weather and a nice added feature.

We continued the look and the branding onto the interior pages. Simply clicking on a type of product brings you to that products page. There you have the option to click on 3D views where you can move your mouse around and see the product from different angles, see an elevation drawing of the product, or just see the image larger.

YELLmedia, Inc. provided web redesign, graphic design, and stock photos rights management for this project.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Every"BODY"s Different

Unique Body Solutions (UBS) is a new company associated with Laser Concepts Chicago and Hair Free Chicago. They provide affordable solutions to your body concerns from laser hair removal and acne scars to skin tightening and cellulite reduction. They offer a la carte solutions packaged to solve your individual needs and of course...it's all very discrete. No one needs to know you've had anything done!

YELLmedia assisted UBS with logos, taglines, web design, and web hosting/administration, database collection. The logo concept picked up on soothing med spa colors of green and blue with the cleanliness of white. The reflection was used to mimic water for cleanliness and beauty reflected in/out and on surfaces. The tag ties into the title "Unique Body Solutions. Because EveryBODY's different." "body"="BODY", "unique"="different".

In the process of developing the UBS logo, we also developed a second logo that ties into the new brand identity. This is for their private label skin care - Unique Skin Solutions. The sun represents renewal, refreshing, and a tag line "Where Beauty Awakens."

The website's focus was to show all the great media and press coverage received by the high quality technology that UBS uses and to inform the visitor of all the great solutions they can provide for your unique body concerns. I was certainly sold after designing the site. A "Before and After" page highlights just some or their solutions and a "Technology" page focuses on the different laser machines used with downloadable PDF's and links to the manufacturers. Visit the "Media" page to see a few clips from various TV coverage or once again link to the manufacturers websites for even more coverage! The best kept secret in Chicago is no longer a secret!

YELLmedia provided copy, design, branding, web hosting, web admin, and database to collect visitors emails.

Draw a Card...Any Card!

A La Card Chicago is a terrific new company. They promote authentic Chicago restaurants through their special discount card decks. They also have a charitable arm that donates proceeds to a local food charity. These cards make great corporate gifts and your companies logo can go on it, or they can be sold as fundraisers, or just given as gifts. If you like to dine out and try new restaurants, this is definitely worth your while. I don't want to give away the whole enchilada, so you will just have to wait for further website development. Please contact A La Card Chicago if you are interested in participating as a restaurant, purchasing card decks, or have any questions at info@alacardchicago.com tell them YELLmedia sent you.

YELLmedia first assisted A La Card Chicago with their brand identity. This particular logo concept was chosen to convey a sense of adventure for the different types of restaurants you can try out. The colors are modern, and reflect the earthy and natural food trend as well as the charitable part of their organization. The style adapted is slick and modern to attract higher end and trendier eateries. YELLmedia went on to help with business cards, letterhead, and the actual card deck designs/card boxes.

For the tag, we wanted something quick, catchy, and yet descriptive. What could fit the "bill' better than "draw. dine. save." Because that's what you do. Draw a card, eat at that restaurant, and save on your bill. Fait Accompli!

YELLmedia also set up A La Card Chicago's interim website and email addresses. Stay tuned for their next developments. They are totally going to be on OPRAH!!!!

YELLmedia provided/developed brand identity, design layout, copyrighting, tag line, web design, and web administration.