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Monday, October 22, 2007

YELLmedia Introduces "Celebrate" Micro-Site

YELLmedia, Inc. has extended its services to provide personal as well as business needs. The services included in this new extension are custom-designed, personalized, handmade invitations , announcements, stationary, and accessories to help you get heard! Stand out from the crowd with unique party items to fit your events theme, colors, mood, and story. Make your event as memorable as possible, by not leaving out any details. Customization allows you to really express yourself and your event and takes the blah out of ordinary cookie-cutter invitations.

In order to launch this new enhancement YELLmedia has created a micro-site befitting celebrations with samples of previous work. No two people are the same, so trust that no two events will be the same. Visit www.YELLmedia.com/celebrate.